In response to bushfire crisis in Australia this year, and in recognition of the historic, social, and cultural context of our conference, EPIC2020 is donating to two disaster relief organizations: Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation and Nature Conservancy Australia. We selected these organizations because of their long-term commitment to Australia and their approaches to understanding, managing, and living with our environment. Both organizations actively work with Indigenous Australians to manage and restore habitat.

Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation provides Indigenous leadership, advocacy, and action to protect the environment through cultural fire and land management practices. Firesticks is a proven methodology developed over 1000s of years of continual cultural practice and evolution. This cultural burning protects and enhances the environment while reducing risk to human and non-human life and property. The goal of Firesticks is to support cultural learning pathways that enable and empower Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities to work collectively towards healthy, functional, and resilient landscapes.  Firesticks partners with diverse communities, landholders, agencies, and institutions across the continent.

Nature Conservancy Australia is a global environmental non-profit, non-governmental conservation organization that focuses on four key areas: tackling climate change, protecting land and water, providing food and water sustainability, and building healthy cities. To date, they have conserved around 127 million hectares of Australia’s lands and waters. In the aftermath of the Australian bushfires they are taking action to support long-term conservation efforts so the bushland can heal, threatened species can recover, and people and nature can thrive. To do this they will continue to partner with public and private landowners and managers, including Indigenous people and communities.