What’s happening at EPIC2020?

Oct 19–24: Learning & Networking
Oct 25–28: Core Program

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The EPIC program offers many formats for sharing, learning, and networking. Like ethnographers in the field, attendees have opportunities to pursue specific topics and skills, as well as be inspired or challenged by new people, practices, and ideas.

This year, we’re connecting virtually through individual screens, but our program is designed to scale your experience of space and place. Our engagements will be small and large, regional and global, industrious and fun, systematic and serendipitous. Time- and space-shifted virtual conferencing is new for many of us, so we invite you to explore our program, get ready to experiment, and ask questions—we’re here to help.


Presentation Sessions


Luminaries from diverse fields us inspire and provoke us with new perspectives.
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Panels bring experts with different perspectives into conversation with each other and the audience.
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New syntheses or frameworks that spark innovation and debate in ethnographic practice.
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Case Studies

Showcase examples of ethnographic impact on specific product, service, or organizational challenges.
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Visual narrative performances that explore professional and social issues in creative ways.
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Interactive Sessions


Mini-courses taught by experts in the EPIC community. Pre-registration required.
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Breakout discussions on key topics in ethnographic practice. Pre-registration starts Oct 19
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Networking & Social Events


Continents come together in our virtual gathering space, a 24/7 interactive hub where you can find people, set up your own meetings, join discussions, and get support.
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International Mingles

Our truly global schedule includes social events designed to connect EPIC people around the world in fun, facilitated meetups.
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A smaller, facilitated group of conference travelers—a base of sustained connection, support, and exploration.
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