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Tutorials are mini-courses developed and taught by experts in the EPIC community. They are optional sessions open to all EPIC2020 attendees on a first-come, first-served basis.

*G/P/W indicate the world regions for which each tutorial is reasonably scheduled (unless you’re nocturnal!). We’ll note sold-out sessions on individual tutorial pages.

  • Geelong: East & Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand
  • Parkes: South & North America
  • Wodonga: Africa, Europe, Middle East, West & South Asia

1A & 1B: Beyond “Quant-vs-Qual”: Creating Collaborative Inquiry (GPW)

2A & 2B: Data and Ethnography for Better AI Product Development (GPW)

3A & 3B: Calibrating Ethnofutures (GPW)

4A & 4B: Digital Ethnography in Domestic Spaces (GPW)

5A: Grounded Theory: Data-Driven Qualitative Analysis (PW)

6A: Ethnographic Video: Storytelling for Impact (GP)

7A: Scaling Research in Organizations (GP)

8A: Integrating Sustainability Perspectives in Ethnographic Work (GP)

9A: Advancing Your Agile Research Program (GP)

10A: Introduction to Survey Design (PW)

11A: Representing Your Professional Self: Portfolio Strategy and Review (PW)

12A & 12B: Tracing a Data Lifecycle (PWG)

14A: Ethnography of a Computational System (GP)

15A: Balancing Scales in Research Design & Communications (GP)

16A: Using a Mobile Research Platform for Multi-dimensional Ethnography (GW)

17B: Creating and Reading Photography for Practitioners (GP)