Creating and Reading Photography for Practitioners

headshot Andrew Meares
INSTRUCTOR: Andrew Meares (3A Institute, Australian National University)


17B is ideal for attendees in the Americas, E+SE Asia, AU, NZ
Thurs, Oct 22, 3–6:00 pm San Francisco = 7:00 pm São Paulo = Fri, Oct 23, 9:00 am Melbourne / convert time zone

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What work do still images do in our practice? How do we practice responsible creation and use of images in our work? In this practical workshop-based course, we explore some basics for creating our own and soliciting others to create still images for research and communication purposes, and for analyzing such images. Tutorial exercises will focus on three scenarios: creating image of place, of people in place, and portraiture. By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the entry point of an image, and learn to attract the eye and direct the eye
  • Apply tenets of effective visual communication in creating your own images and in deconstructing images made by others, including research participants
  • Outline effective photo elicitation strategies for use in varied types of research projects


The tutorial will include a mixture of presented content, small-group discussion and activities. No prior knowledge is necessary; participants will require a computer with Zoom capabilities (a phone screen will be too small to engage effectively in the activities).

Prior to the session participants will be asked to complete a brief reading assignment and to send the instructor a meaningful photographic image that they have created (or solicited someone else to create) and they are happy to share with the group as part of the tutorial.


Andrew Meares is a Senior Fellow at the 3A Institute (3Ai) at the Australian National University where he is investigating the role of images in an ecosystem of distrust in an increasingly fast and connected world. Andrew is a multi-award-winning photographer and senior Australian media and political communicator. Andrew was a photojournalist at Fairfax for 27 years, President of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery for 3 years and in 2018 was a Senior Adviser to then Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten. His photography career has spanned the transition from the darkroom to digital. He won a Walkley Award in 2010 for photos taken on an iPhone. His camera has enabled him to cover much of Australia, travel to war zones and crawl around on carpets and walk backwards down the corridors of Parliament House, The White House, and the Great Hall of the People.